Roasted Root Vegetable Salad GF 14              

parsnip chip, smoked shallot vinaigrette


Spaghetti*  16

black garlic cream, shaved truffle, slow cooked egg


French Omelet GF 14

peas, smoked leek, green garlic chimichurri

served with choice of toast


Beef Brisket Hash* GF   14

baby carrot, pickled red onion, spicy greens


Croque Madame  16

brioche, ham, gruyére

served with mixed green salad                                           


Cheddar Biscuit and Skagit River Ranch Sausage Gravy*  15

breakfast sausage, fried egg, preserved lemon


Mini Duck* Burgers   18
duck fat fried fingerling chip, smoked leek,

pickled mustard seed



Honeyed Yogurt GF 7

house made granola, honey  


Carrot Muffin    7

spiced cream cheese, ginger streusel                                                       


PB & J Brioche French Toast   13

blueberry compote, peanut butter crumble, chantilly


House Made Sourdough Waffle   12

rhubarb compote, maple butter, candied rhubarb


Theo Chocolate Ganache Cake   9    

chocolate cookie, cocoa cream, sea salt



  • bacon 7  roasted fingerling potatoes 4 sausage 6
  • biscuit and gravy 7 sourdough waffle 5
  • french toast 5 yogurt 4

prix fixe $30


Tri-Carrot Salad or Carrot Muffin or Yogurt


Soft Scrambled Eggs or Cheddar Biscuits and Sausage Gravy or Spaghetti


French Toast or Theo Chocolate Ganache Cake or Sourdough Waffle

Chef/Owner Maria Hines

Executive Chef Joel Panlilio            



*Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of food borne

illness. Please note that there is no organic certification for “wild” foods. Food

items that are underlined may contain an ingredient that is not certified organic.